Introducing Propeller’s drone-based visualization and analytics solutions

Propeller helps people in the heavy civil and resources sector use drones to map, measure and share accurate visual information about their worksites and assets.


 Mining & Quarrying

Plan and monitor blasts, generate orthomosaic models, and quickly produce 3D terrain maps and digital elevation models. Track progress against design and get accurate data for EPA reports; safer and cheaper than traditional methods allow.


 Civil Contracting

Estimate with confidence. Measure stockpiles and generate accurate cut-and-fill maps without relying on overworked survey crews. Resolve disputes quickly thanks to a detailed progress record: see exactly when, where and how much material has been moved.


 Waste Management

Calculate current cell volumes and generate airspace models in seconds. Get frequent, up-to-date topos without having to send personnel into hazardous areas.


 Utilities and Telecom

Reduce downtime and increase the life of assets with more frequent inspections. Conduct assessments remotely, without needing to send specialists onsite.


Map, measure and share accurate, visual information about worksites and assets.


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