Live Operations:

View drone operations of offsite pilots, access telemetry data, get a comprehensive view. 


Map View:

With this feature, users can view offsite teams with live map-based telemetry data of all drone operations for easier coordination of simultaneous flights and multiple drone teams. In addition, information from DJI’s Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) system is also displayed to ensure all users have access to up-to-date guidance on areas where flight may be limited due to safety concerns or regulations.


Real-Time View:

With this feature, users can view live video feeds from up to four onsite drones, enabling unique workflows for teams that need onsite pilots to relay information to offsite engineers, and for critical flight operations where real-time data enables quick decision making.


Flight Data Management:

Automatically sync and store drone flight data in a secure, searchable database. 


Flight Logs and Statistics

Automatically upload and archive, creating a searchable database of past flights that relieve drone pilots from manually recording flight information. This feature provides administrators with the ability to store historical telemetry data for easier regulatory compliance and operations management, as well as enables more effective communication of internal drone programs.


Secure Web Access and Cloud Storage

FlightHub enables all team members to access the app from any web browser through a US-based AWS server. To ensure data security, FlightHub data management operations have been pre-assessed in accordance with SOC2 AICPA standard and future versions will have the option to integrate with private clouds for organizations that demand the highest level of data security.

Fleet and Pilot Management:

Create teams and fleets, set hierarchies, monitor equipment. 

Create Teams

Users can establish and manage teams through a hierarchy system of Administrators, Captains, and Pilots. The ability to segment teams by client, location, and mission type improves resource and team management.

Available Plans


FlightHub Basic:

Monthly | Annual

FlightHub Advanced:

Monthly | Annual

FlightHub Pro:

Monthly | Annual



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