Pix4Dag - Perpetual License

  • Mapping software for precision agriculture
  • Convert multispectral images into reflectance & index maps
  • Use RGB Images to generate high resolution orthomosaics
  • Export shapefiles (.shp) into farm-specific equipment

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Pix4D Ag Software 

Drone mapping software for precision agriculture. 

Pix4Dag converts multispectral images into accurate reflectance and index maps, like NDVI, and uses RGB images to generate high resolution orthomosaics. Easily integrate drone-based technology into your Ag operations, processing locally when and where you want.



  • Easy workflow. Automated processing templates for agriculture maps
  • Desktop + Cloud processing. Work where and when you want. 
  • Index calculator. Generate index maps, like NDVI, and convert them into application maps for farm machinery. 
  • Camera flexibility. Multispectral, modified and RGB cameras.
  • Integrate + Collaborate. Application maps in industry standard formats. Share NDVI maps directly from your browser without compromising privacy.
  • Radiometric accuracy. Optimal results from Ag-designed, multispectral cameras




Adaptable professional workflows from drone flight to finish. 


Key Outputs


Reflectance Maps

Reflectance maps properly capture your plant’s reflectance at specific bands, storing this value at the pixel level and giving you access to information on vegetation health as well as the foundation from which to derive vegetation indices.

Maps are radiometrically accurate, meaning differences in incoming light intensity, sensor response and sun angle are taken into account and adjusted for, recording the most accurate reflection properties of your plants.