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Alex Plummer is the Chief Instructor of Go Unmanned’s Part 107 Course. He received his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Aeronautics with a concentration in Unmanned Aerial Systems. Additionally, Alex received an Associates of Arts Degree in Government. He received his Private Pilot Certificate earlier in 2017. 

 "I aim for my course to be fun and educational at the same time. My students will receive hands-on experience in a non-traditional atmosphere." - Alex Plummer


About the Course

Go Unmanned offers a comprehensive in-person training course in preparation for the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test. This course reviews general concepts, airspace classifications, weather, waivers and more. We've designed the course schedule to allow students to receive hands-on flight training! We suggest that students purchase a Go Unmanned class pack to provide them with the proper study material.  

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One-Day Course: $500     Two-Day Course: $850




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