Klua PPK for UAVs
Klua PPK for UAVs

UAV PPK Georeferencing System for Precision Surveying.


The Klau PPK direct georeferencing system, a synergy of hardware, software and methodology, is the most accurate precision surveying technology and PPK georeferencing for drones.

KlauPPK adds unprecedented accuracy and efficiency to your UAV and manned aerial mapping operations, both in the field and in photogrammetry data processing.

The Klau Geomatics PPK system plugs onto most drones, including DJI, to collect high precision data, resulting in 3cm XYZ ground accuracy in any global or local coordinate system.

Aerial surveying with UAVs traditionally needed many ground control points across the site to achieve reasonable absolute geo-positioning accuracy. With the KlauPPK system there is a simple, effective solution to save hours or days of field time.

With Klau PPK direct georeferencing, UAVs can cover larger areas in a single flight by reducing the side overlap down to 40%.

Thanks to the pre-calibrated cameras that come as part of the Klau PPK direct georefrencing system for DJI drones, data processing takes significantly less time as your photogrammetry processing software needs less photos and doesn’t have to estimate the camera positions and calibration parameters.


Save time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiency.



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