Inspection, Damage Assessment & Claims Adjustment


Utilizing drones for inspection and damage assessment is a no-brainer. UAV technology and powerful cameras enable the efficient assessment of property damage from all angles; afar or incredibly close magnification.


The swift acquisition of proof of damage equals faster assessments of local and universal damage from natural disaster like fire, water, hail, wind... also just general damage over time.


An invaluable tool to Insurance assessors, government agencies, realtors, property owners... drones can be used in so many ways to really supply individuals with the information they need when they need it most.



UAV Inspection & Maintenance

Assess Fire Damage 

Quickly analyze damage from all views

UAV Inspection & Maintenance

Assess Water Damage

Obtain close up and regional extent of impact area

UAV Inspection & Maintenance

Assess Hail Damage

Thorough evaluation of all damaged property

UAV Inspection & Maintenance

Assess Wind Damage

Safely examine damage area from all perspectives



Powerful cameras plus agile, object sensing drones equals an invaluable combo of technology when it comes to monitoring and assessing property... from angles and regions previously remote or difficult to access. With incredible zoom technology, get high resolution images from up high, way up close and then incredibly close.


There is no need to put someone in potentially dangerous situations. You will be able to determine the most minute of damage to structure before it evolves into something both expensive and potentionally dangerous.


Using the right UAV system for inspection applications keeps the liability in equipment and not human assets. The speed and efficiency of obtaining need to know information swiftly will prove itself to any operation where structures can be vulnerable to nature and the elements.


Not only do UAVs grant the opportunity to see things up close, they also grant the opportunity to see changes in temperature that often go undetected until things go very wrong. An asset to anyone where knowledge and timing are of utmost important, it is quick to see and find many applications for high powered zoom and infrared technology there are!



UAV Inspection & Maintenance

Solar Power Inspection 

Keep close watch
on Solar Panel Health

UAV Inspection & Maintenance

Powerline Inspection

Close up views when
detailed information is a factor

UAV Inspection & Maintenance

Wind Turbine Inspection

Safe and efficient views of
working equipment under
constant environmental exposure

UAV Inspection & Maintenance

Pipeline Inspection

Examine extensive distances
of hard to access areas


Aerial Views and Infrared Applications 
Various aerial compilations demonstrating views of architectures and applications of Infrared Technology for assessment purposes.

Solar Panel Inspection
Go Unmanned quickly demonstrates the monitoring
of solar panels through Infrared Camera Technology.



Traditional land surveying is timely and sometimes even dangerous

With a UAV, you can create an automated flight plan and map roughly 50-80 acres of land in just 20 minutes.


UAV Construction & Engineering

3D Models

Capture / Create 3D Point Clouds
Remove Obstructions
Obtain Geolocations
Precise Measurements

UAV Construction & Engineering


Calculate Volume of Stockpiles
Identify cut/fill lines
Cut lines (red): Above Surface
Fill lines (green): Below Surface

UAV Construction & Engineering


Identify elevation
Generate spacing .25 feet & above
Overlayed site progressions 
Pre-construction topography verification

UAV Construction & Engineering


Digital Surface
Model Overlay
Quantify work on job sites
See your site from start-to-finish

UAV for Safety

Increase Job Safety

Traditional survey methods involve climbing over large masses and piles to gather data. This method adds the possibility of a person falling or getting seriously injured. Other jobs involve working along busy roads with cars racing by. When you add winter weather and icy conditions into the mix, the likelihood of an injury increases. With a UAV, employees are no longer at risk of falling or getting injured. They can fly out to areas not easily accessible by foot and cover much more ground in a shorter time.

UAV for Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Using conventional surveying practices, 40 acres of land takes about one to two weeks to gather and process data. However with a UAV, it only takes about 15 minutes to cover that amount of land with an additional 2 hours of processing. Autonomous missions are quick to design and easy to deploy. This decreases time spent in the field and increases productivity.