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  • NDVI zone mapping, population analysis, and elevation mapping
  • Compatible with a wide variety of drones
  • Hyper-precise crop health data
  • Identify stressed areas, access stand & emergence, compare data over time
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Did the FieldAgent platform replace AgVault software?

Yes! AgVault is now FieldAgent.

As of January 17, 2018, the name of Sentera’s agriculture software changed from AgVault™ to FieldAgent™. The new name reflects the software’s broader range of capabilities and breakthrough analytics that are helping shape the future of precision agriculture.

The FieldAgent mobile, web, and desktop platform retains all the same capabilities as you enjoyed with AgVault, plus we are working on adding even more compatibilities, analytics, and capabilities to the platform this growing season. Stay tuned!

How hard is to fly a drone?

Flying a drone is extremely easy with our FieldAgent mobile app. You can be up and flying autonomously within about 5 button clicks (1 minute).

Does the FieldAgent Mobile App automous flight capability and battery swap feature work on an android device? 

No. Right now the FieldAgent Mobile App autonomous flight capability and battery swap feature is exclusive to iOS mobile devices.

How do I import drone data collections?

We fully support aerial imagery from all of the most popular platforms such as the DJI Inspire, Phantom, Mavic series, Lockheed Martin Indago and Sentera PHX series. However, most any drone photo can be imported so long as the drone recorded the appropriate EXIF data including GPS position, altitude and time. If you’re unsure your platform meets these requirements, send a note to and we’ll help you out.

To import drone photos after a flight, simply click the “import” button in the desktop client and follow the on-screen prompts. You will be asked to navigate to the folder containing the photos, so make sure they’re already on your computer or the ag drones memory card is inserted into your computer. If you’re flying a Sentera product, photos will transfer wirelessly from your drone to your computer, and eliminates the need to ever touch a memory card.

Complete the import process and you’ll find that your sites are now populated with your drone photography, sorted by date and time. Drone photos will appear with tags according to the sensor. For example, a Sentera Double 4K sensor will import two sets of data, one for color RGB, and one for NDVI.

How does FieldAgent sync images across my entire team?

First, some definitions. We use the term “sync” to mean that high-resolution copies of your data are available locally on your client desktop. If things are synced, it means that data is available whether you’re connected to the internet or not. 

For users with fewer than 50 fields under management, every image for every field is automatically synced to every user.

For users with over 50 fields under management, the first 50 fields with most recent activity will be automatically synced. The remaining fields are securely backed up in the cloud and synced “on-demand”, meaning they’ll only be freshly downloaded if you view the site’s data. We don’t automatically sync older sites to preserve bandwidth for both of us.

How are fields created in FieldAgent?

There are a few ways that fields are created in FieldAgent, either through capturing data or manual entry.

If you visit a new field and capture data with the app, a new field will be created automatically at that location (based on the GPS information from your mobile device). The app will recognize that no one from your team has visited the site, and will ask you to input a set of minimum information about the field. From then on, every time you visit that field again, new data collections will appear with different times and dates at that location. You may wish to login to the admin panel and verify the sites appear at the correct GPS location. (Tablet GPS data is never perfect.)

If you import drone imagery, or any other geo-tagged imagery using the Import function, fields will automatically be created at the places you flew. You can then edit the information associated with those sites as necessary in the admin panel.

Does FieldAgent work at the Field Edge? Without an internet connection? 

Yes! FieldAgent and FieldAgent Mobile work seamlessly without a data connection.

You can import imagery, perform QuickTile™ image analysis, make annotations, create shapes and more right at the field edge. When you get back to the office, FieldAgent begins to backup your data in the background.

Who owns the data once it's in FieldAgent?

You own all data uploaded to FieldAgent.

How do I add users to my account?

Just log in to your admin panel, navigate to “Licenses” and click “Assign License”. If you add more users than you currently have spots for in your plan, you’ll need to purchase extra users, then assign the licenses in the  FieldAgent administrator panel.

What happens if I add or subtract users from my plan?

If you would like to increase or decrease the number of users associated with your account, you must first change your subscription in our store. To do this, log in to your account at and make the appropriate edits. 

If you increase the number of users, you may log in to the application administrator view and simply allocate those licenses as you see fit, up to your purchased maximum.

If you decrease the number of users, you will receive a reminder email asking you to suspend the users you no longer wish to associate with your plan. If we don’t hear from you, access will be turned off on a first-in / last-out basis. For example, if you move from 5 to 3 users, the 2 users you set up most recently would have their access turned off. You may log in to your administrator view at any time to re-allocate these users within your maximum number.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can associate with my plan? 

Nope! We can handle accounts of all sizes, ranging from single users to large corporations.

What if I cancel my account?

Each month of service is prepaid. If you cancel, automatic renewals will be turned off and you will not incur charges for the next billing period.

For example, if your free trial ends on October 15th, your credit card will be charged for the period of October 15th – November 15th. If you cancel sometime in that space, your account will not auto-renew, but you will have access to FieldAgent until November 15th.

We provide a 30-day grace period. If you cancel your account, you will retain access for the next 30-day billing period. We do this to give you an opportunity to export and download your data. We’re not in the business of holding data hostage; we’re the best way to display, sort, search and organize it!

If you cancel, your data will be preserved for a minimum of 30 days after the account cancellation. Customers may, at our option, receive notification prior to any data being deleted. Customers re-joining within 30 days will have full access to prior data.

What happens when my subscription expires? Does it expire?

All Sentera FieldAgent subscriptions renew automatically each month, so you don’t need to worry about subscription expiry. If your automatic payment fails, their subscription will be placed into the “on hold” category and you will receive an email to notify you of the payment failure. You can login and correct the payment issue to become active again at any time.

Data will be preserved for at least 30 days after the last unsuccessful attempt to bill. Customers will receive an email after their first payments fail, a personal follow up email from our support team, and a may receive a final warning before their data is deleted. Data deleted is unrecoverable.

Can I use handheld digital cameras with FieldAgent? 

We strongly recommend collecting all ground photos with the FieldAgent Mobile app because of its ability to correctly tag, locate and synchronize photos.

If you’d like to use a GPS-enabled digital camera and the manual import feature, please contact us at to verify compatibility. Generally speaking, it will be supported, but please verify with us first so we can help you have a great experience. We test with the Nikon family of GPS-enabled cameras and find them to work quite well; however, we strongly prefer FieldAgent Mobile for the rich context and location features it provides.

How do I manually tag imported photos?

No need — they are automatically tagged! Use FieldAgent Mobile for all photography on the ground to tag the image and keep it synced with FieldAgent on your computer. Photos imported manually from a GPS-enabled digital camera are untagged, and will be appear as type “untagged” in the desktop client.

What are the FieldAgent system requirements? 


FieldAgent runs on most any Windows PC, provided it’s running Windows 7, 8 or 10 and is 64-bit architecture.


Android OS: version 4.4 or later

iOS: version 7 or later.

What mobile platforms do you support?

FieldAgent Mobile for iOS

FieldAgent Mobile for Android