Actionable Data for Land & Plant Health


Eyes from above is the powerful tool you need to transform images into an actionable plan. The reward is simple: healthy land, healthy crops and higher yields.


Convert multispectral and RGB images into accurate orthomosics, NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and more.NDVI is a metric measurement used to reveal the health of vegetation. Reflected intensities of near infrared (MIR) and visible light are calculated to reveal dead, unhealthy, healthy and very healthy plant materials.


This information translates to you in an educated ability to assess if your crop needs more nutrients or water... before it’s too late!



UAV Ag & Forestry

Manual or Automated
Aerial Survey

Visually assess and
acquire information

UAV Ag & Forestry

Immediately assess
crop & plant health

Translate information
into actionable data

UAV Ag & Forestry

Utilize Infrared

Reporting reveals plant
water & nutritional balance

UAV Ag & Forestry


Determine points of plant
stress timely in rectification


UAVs are used in the field in these productive ways:
Plant height
Plant count
Plant health
Presence of nutrients
Presence of disease
Presence of weeds
Relative biomass estimates
3D / Volumetric data (piles, patches, holes and hills)

For livestock operations, drones can be used to monitor the location, status and movement of animals over time with more frequency and at a lower cost than other means.

Drone data is used to do farming jobs more effectively and efficiently, including:

Crop Scouting – replace men with drones
Crop Health Monitoring – biggest ROI, by far
Field Surveying/Scouting (before planting)
Nitrogen Recommendation
Yield Monitoring
Plant Stress Monitoring
Drought Assessment
Senescence Analysis
Leaf Area Indexing
Tree Classification
…and more! 


Strawberry Field Flyover & Assessment 
Go Unmanned performs a quick
data collection of a strawberry field.

Horse Monitoring
Go Unmanned quickly demonstrates the monitoring
of farm animals: in this case, a herd of horses.



Traditional land surveying is timely and sometimes even dangerous

With a UAV, you can create an automated flight plan and map roughly 50-80 acres of land in just 20 minutes.


UAV Construction & Engineering

3D Models

Capture / Create 3D Point Clouds
Remove Obstructions
Obtain Geolocations
Precise Measurements

UAV Construction & Engineering


Calculate Volume of Stockpiles
Identify cut/fill lines
Cut lines (red): Above Surface
Fill lines (green): Below Surface

UAV Construction & Engineering


Identify elevation
Generate spacing .25 feet & above
Overlayed site progressions 
Pre-construction topography verification

UAV Construction & Engineering


Digital Surface
Model Overlay
Quantify work on job sites
See your site from start-to-finish

UAV for Safety

Increase Job Safety

Traditional survey methods involve climbing over large masses and piles to gather data. This method adds the possibility of a person falling or getting seriously injured. Other jobs involve working along busy roads with cars racing by. When you add winter weather and icy conditions into the mix, the likelihood of an injury increases. With a UAV, employees are no longer at risk of falling or getting injured. They can fly out to areas not easily accessible by foot and cover much more ground in a shorter time.

UAV for Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Using conventional surveying practices, 40 acres of land takes about one to two weeks to gather and process data. However with a UAV, it only takes about 15 minutes to cover that amount of land with an additional 2 hours of processing. Autonomous missions are quick to design and easy to deploy. This decreases time spent in the field and increases productivity.