AGX710 Sensor

AGX710 Sensor for DJI Matrice 200 Series Drones

• Capture relevant health indices, variants include: RGB, NDVI, NDRE, and other specialized index products

• Scout fields with live-streaming RGB and NDVI video via LiveNDVI™

• Integrate with DJI M200 and M210 drone series using Lock-and-Go gimbal technology, allowing for straight-down, nadir data capture resulting in more precise imagery

• Integrated solution — free mobile app to fly and collect data, then analyze using the FieldAgent desktop platform

• Generate shapefiles, support prescription development, and telematics integration with FieldAgent

• Imagery is compatible with analytics around stand & emergence, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, & disease

• Free 12-month FieldAgent subscription included with purchase of AGX710 sensor

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Sensor Configuration -12.3MP BSI CMOS

Spectral Configuration- RGB + NDVI | NDVI: Red (625nm), NIR (850nm) RGB + NDRE | NDRE: Red Edge (720nm), NIR (840nm) Multispectral | Blue (446nm), Green (548nm), Red (650nm), Red Edge (720nm), NIR (840nm)

Size- 3.50” x 3.46” x 3.86” (89mm x 88mm x 98mm)

Weight- 270 grams

Power- 10W typical / 16W maximum

Image Format- Stills: JPEG | Video: MP4

Field of View- 60° HFOV (4K Stills / Video) 1080p ranges 30° – 60° HFOV

Data Capture- 12.3MP Stills, 4K Ultra HD video @ 30fps 1080p/720p Video

Gimbal Specs- Mount: Detachable Controllable Range: Tilt: 0° to -90°, Pan 0°; Roll 0° Mechanical Range: Tilt: +25° to -115°, Pan 0°; Roll +40° Max Controllable Speed: 50°/s

Storage- 64GB Micro SD card

Flight Endurance- M200 & AGX710: 35 Minutes M210 & AGX710 + XT Thermal: 28 Minutes

Mapping Efficiency*- QuickTile™ Map: 500 acres typical Orthomosaic Map: 150 acres typical

Ground Sample Distance- 3.5cm

FieldAgent Platform- Seamless integration — AGX710 imagery is compatible with analytics around stand and emergence, variability, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, & disease

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