Data Collection / Mapping / Analysis


Industries in Construction, Mining, Land Management, Agriculture and Engineering can all benefit from obtaining aerial maps of their worksite. With different outputs from an aerial map, customers can review worksite progress, assess precise measurements, create 3D models... and so much more!



UAV Construction & Engineering

Worksite Measurements 

Accurate measurements
from precision mapping

UAV Construction & Engineering

Site & Asset Management

Swift reporting on progress,
stock piles, equipment & infrastructure

UAV Construction & Engineering

2D & 3D Mapping

Real-time, useable maps
translate into actionable information

UAV Construction & Engineering

Volume Calculations

Accurate measurements
from precision mapping


Traditional land surveying is timely and sometimes even dangerous

With a UAV, you can create an automated flight plan and map roughly 50-80 acres of land in just 20 minutes.


UAV Construction & Engineering

3D Models

Capture / Create 3D Point Clouds
Remove Obstructions
Obtain Geolocations
Precise Measurements

UAV Construction & Engineering


Calculate Volume of Stockpiles
Identify cut/fill lines
Cut lines (red): Above Surface
Fill lines (green): Below Surface

UAV Construction & Engineering


Identify elevation
Generate spacing .25 feet & above
Overlaid site progressions 
Pre-construction topography verification

UAV Construction & Engineering


Digital Surface
Model Overlay
Quantify work on job sites
See your site from start-to-finish

UAV for Safety

Increase Job Safety

Traditional survey methods involve climbing over large masses and piles to gather data. This method adds the possibility of a person falling or getting seriously injured. Other jobs involve working along busy roads with cars racing by. When you add winter weather and icy conditions into the mix, the likelihood of an injury increases. With a UAV, employees are no longer at risk of falling or getting injured. They can fly out to areas not easily accessible by foot and cover much more ground in a shorter time.

UAV for Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Using conventional surveying practices, 40 acres of land takes about one to two weeks to gather and process data. However with a UAV, it only takes about 15 minutes to cover that amount of land with an additional 2 hours of processing. Autonomous missions are quick to design and easy to deploy. This decreases time spent in the field and increases productivity.


Mine Mapping
In Spruce Pine, NC, Go Unmanned provided an aerial mapping demonstration at a feldspar mine. This video reviews what processing data looks like using Pix4D after flying.

Our Customers
Matt Mulhern explains the types of industrial customers who typically benefit from the use of a UAV - grading contractors and surveyors. UAVs offer a highly efficient way to reduce time and increase efficiency on a job site.